Sport Street

Sport Street is committed to improving all our practices focused on the sustainability of the planet. We are therefore aware of the important role we play with respect to the environment and society.

Thus, we provide all our customers with recyclable bags made from 100% recycled materials in all our brands (Décimas, Polinesia and Tenth), in order to reduce the smallest possible carbon footprint. In addition, we have collections and garments produced with a high percentage of recycled fabrics.

Commitment to renewable energies

These practices combine our faithful commitment to sustainability and our social commitment to the planet. From Sport Street we work to create the minimum possible impact on the environment in order to get closer to a more sustainable and eco-friendly model.

Our commitment to sustainability is clear. Therefore, for years all the energy consumed in our more than 400 shops Décimas, Polinesia and Tenth, offices and warehouses we use Renewable Energy and comply with all energy efficiency measures, in order to avoid the highest emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.


At Sport Street we care about you, but also about your whole family… Even if it’s an animal family!

Consequently, most of our Décimas, Tenth and Polinesia shops allow you to come with your pet as long as you:

  • – You only come with one of your pets… It will be very complicated for you to control more than one in an indoor place!
  • Your pet must be polite: it must respect the rest of our customers, without barking or biting them.
  • Don’t let go! It is important that he is continuously tethered, walking beside you on the floor and not climbing on the furniture.
  • Cleanliness first and foremost. If your pet does relieve itself, you should clean up the area personally and notify the store managers so that they are aware.
  • If your pet is a dog and is classified as potentially dangerous (PPP) it must also wear a muzzle.

Local product

From Sport Street we maintain a faithful commitment to local products. This is why our group includes all product lines and product management in Spain, in order to reduce the impact of distribution and logistics.
This type of practice brings us closer to our sustainable development objectives. From Sport Street we maintain and work in all our lines with the idea of improving and being more efficient with the planet and above all with our customers.

Support to associations


The Pablo Horstmann Foundation has been working for 15 years for the most vulnerable children in rural areas of Kenya and Ethiopia, improving the situation of its inhabitants in terms of housing, education and health care.

Sport Street participates as a collaborator in the Solidarity Golf Tournament organised by the same foundation and whose profits go to improve the services of the Pablo Hosrtmann Paediatric Hospital of Anidan in Lamu (Kenya). Specifically, the funds are destined to improve the health of the child population, reducing morbimortality and malnutrition through prevention, vaccination and health education.


As part of the Social Work of the Hermanos de San Juan de Dios, the Hospital Universitario San Rafael runs various programmes to help the most disadvantaged people. To obtain funding, they draw on the Hospital Order’s own resources, but also on solidarity actions.

Specifically, Sport Street has participated in its 2023 Solidarity Flea Market, collaborating with a total of 74 companies to raise funds. These funds are destined to help families without economic resources. Specifically, to the Social Aid Programme FOR THE PURCHASE OF FOOD AND COMMODITIES OF PRIMARY NEEDS FOR FAMILIES IN A SITUATION OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION.


The Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste (ANSE) is a non-profit, autonomous and independent social organisation whose aims are the dissemination, study and defence of Nature and the Environment in southeastern Spain. Founded in 1973, it is the oldest ecologist and naturalist association in Murcia and Alicante, and the fourth oldest in Spain.

ANSE protects the environment through defence campaigns in natural areas, campaigns to protect endangered species and campaigns to control the effects of pollutants on fauna and flora. It also focuses its functions on disseminating ecological values and raising awareness through publications, talks, denunciations and colloquiums. They complement these functions through scientific research projects, which are necessary to demand the protection of natural and wild spaces.

Specifically, Cala del Estacio is a sandy area more than one kilometre long and 25 hectares in size located in the Mar Menor. In 2005, thanks to complaints from ANSE, they managed to stop an urban development project in the natural area. Since August 2020, ANSE has been authorised by the General Directorate of Coasts of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge to start experimental projects to restore the sandbanks, protecting their flora, fauna and diversity.

In December 2020, Décimas launches the CELEBRATE EARTH collection. A selection of unisex garments for adults and children produced in recycled cotton and polyester. In addition, this ecological collection wanted to go further in protecting the environment. That is why part of the profits were given to the ANSE Foundation, specifically in its work in the Cala del Estacio.


The Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has been working since 1991 to attend to the needs of vulnerable people or those in social difficulty, based on the defence and promotion of Human Rights. The Foundation’s mission is to promote and develop centres, services, programmes and research aimed at the prevention, treatment and integration of all those who are in difficulty or at social risk, especially children, young people, families, women and people in situations of dependency.

Since its inception, the Foundation has contributed to improving the quality of life and future options of around 450,000 people in Spain and in different countries in Africa and Latin America, with a team of more than 5,000 people.

For years, Sport Street has been collaborating with Fundación Diagrama through the donation of sportswear aimed at children and adolescents cared for by the Foundation in foster homes. These centres seek to promote social integration, coexistence and the full development of the personality of minors who are within the Child Protection System, guaranteeing their wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.

In this context, sports activities are essential to improve the inclusion of this group in their social environment, encourage healthy lifestyle habits and promote values associated with sports practice, and the contributions of Décimas make it easier for these actions to be carried out properly.

In 2021, Fundación Diagrama managed the donation of sports clothing to 129 homes, serving more than 3,300 young people.

Support to associations