In Sport Street we are one of the main sports fashion groups in Spain, backed by our more than 35 years of experience, trajectory and growth.

Our group specializes in the brand management in the mass market environment and in our own set: Decimas, Polynesia and Tenth, exponentially multiplying the reach and distribution at national and international level in more than 400 points of sale located in 5 countries in person and 12 online.

In addition, we are adidas franchisees, with more than 15 stores in Spain. We have also diversified our strategies, promoting the creation of Outlets Décimas and the opening of Tenth stores, specifically focused on the sale of our own brand.

The main differential advantages of our brands make them complementary, adapting to different markets and making various commercial formats more flexible, characterizing us as an innovative group and being a leader in different specific markets. Each of our brands has a team of creative, design and commercial professionals who share common corporate and management services.

We conceive fashion as a photograph of the people who wear it. Therefore, our goal is to democratize it and allow all our customers to have access to technical or casual garments, making them part of the trend itself.

Our group faces the challenge of efficiently managing all operations, while maintaining our faithful commitment to our customers and the environment. For this reason, we are moving towards the use of recycled garments and we are committed to local products, in order to get closer and closer to a much more sustainable model.

At Sport Street we are characterized for being an omnichannel company deeply connected with each of our audiences. Our digital model is closely related to our customers, so that the user experience extrapolates from the online to the physical universe, creating an environment of dialogue and interaction with the customer on various platforms: Ecommerce, social networks, email, telephone or storefronts. In order to enhance communication and communicate all our innovations to our customers.

Likewise, our design, production and distribution situation makes it possible to present trendy garments adapted to each customer in the shortest possible time. Being flexible and fast to face a constantly changing market. Being flexible and fast to face a constantly changing market.